The Girl Who Never Smiled 45 by Vik Armen

I grew up in Rhode Island listening to top forty radio on WPRO in Providence. One of the disc jockey’s was named Vik Armen who released the 45 “The Girl Who Never Smiled.” It proved to be a minor regional hit and then quickly disappeared into the musical mists of time. I can’t remember the year but I am guessing mid to late sixties.

Many people would press their own records over the years. This particular piece of vinyl841c was released on the WPN label located in Levitown, New York. I have over 50,000 records in my collection and this is the only one on that label. It is number 101 and may be the only release in its history.

The song itself was actually not bad and while Armen did not have the strongest voice he was able to get by on this gentle uptempo ballad.

I am alway amazed and amused at the memories music will evoke in people years after the fact. And so it is with this obscure ditty from my teenage years.

I googled Vik Armen and he is still active in radio in Canada. I wonder if he still has a copy of this old 45.

3 Responses to The Girl Who Never Smiled 45 by Vik Armen

  1. Shey Blanchet says:

    I have been looking for a song by Vik Armen for nearly fifty years. I don’t even know the name of it but I am positive he sang it as I have a wee bit of it on a reel-reel tape and they announced his name.

    I listened to CHEC and CJOC in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada!

    I am curious as to the title on the flip side of this 45!


    • David Bowling says:

      The flip side is “Don’t Wait ‘Til Summer Comes Around.” I bought this record when Vic Armen was a disc jockey at WPRO in Providence, Rhode Island. Good Luck!

  2. Ken Grady says:

    WPN records was Warren Schatz and a couple of other New York studio guys whose names I don’t remember. Warren worked at New York studios as engineer and producer and did recording of his own projects on studio downtime. He worked with Vik on several projects and went on to some success during the 70’s disco era.

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