Go Now 45 by The Moody Blues

841j“Go Now” by The Moody Blues was possibly the first single I tried to find after the fact. I must have heard it played on the radio but when I went to my local record store I quickly learned that it was an oldie and not in stock. Where to get a copy? I had a friend who owned a copy and after some haggling I traded my “Do The Clam” with picture sleeve by Elvis Presley for his copy of “Go Now.”

I don’t think the copy pictured is the original as it is too pristine but it still sounds fine after all these years.

The Moody Blues were formed in the early sixties as a blues/rock group. And let me quickly say that the fact they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a travesty. Listening to their first album you hear a gritty and raw sound. Denny Laine, who later played with Paul McCartney in Wings, is the lead vocalist and guitarist and Carl Warwick is the bassist. “Go Now” would be a huge hit in The United States and England but future commercial success would elude the group. Laine and Warwick would depart and be replaced by Justin Hayward and John Lodge. The rest as they say is history. There next release, DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED would sell millions of copies and make them one of the most popular rock groups in history.

“Go Now” remains the first stop in the career of The Moody Blues and is nothing like any of their future releases.

And yes I did find another copy of “Do The Clam” with picture sleeve.

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