Living In The USA 45 by The Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller is primarily remebered today for his string of catchy pop singles that he issued in the mid-seventies to mid-eighties. Songs such as “Jet Airliner,” Abracadabra,” “The Joker” and many more sold milliuons of copies and received constant radio play.

The Steve Miller Band of the late sixties was a far different affair. They were one of the first groups to become popular and sell millions of albums despite not having any hit singles to drive sales. The Grateful Dead were another such group. Singles were issued to drive album sales but Steve Miller managed to receive airplay on the flegling album only radio stations on the strength of his album tracks.

Leading The Steve Miller Band commercial charge was the song “Living In The USA” It was a track from his second album, SAILOR, which was released in October of 1968. It is probably his most popular and best known pre-pop period song.

This mostly instumental track is catchy and is a wonderful fusion of hard and pop rock. The guitar and keyboards join to create a wonderful sound. The fact that it was not issued as a single at the time was a poor decision. It was released a number of years after the fact and so quickly disappear840ced.

Nevertheless if you are partial to 45’s this is an essential for your collection.

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