Joy To The World 45 by Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night was a singles band. During the late sixties and early seventies they had a string of eighteen consecutive top 20 hits. Such songs as “Mama Told Me Not To Come,” “Eli’s Coming,” “Liar,” “An Old Fashioned Love Song,” “Never Been To Spain,” “Easy To Be Hard,” and many more ruled the radio waves.

The were unique in that they were fronted by three lead singers. Cory Wells, Danny Hutton, and Chuck Negren would share the vocal duties.

Their biggest hit came in early 1971 when “Joy To The World” sat on top of the American singles charts for five weeks. It would be the number one song of the entire year.

“Joy To The World” is just one of those perfect singles. It was upbeat, catchy and memorable. You could even sing along if you were so inclined. It has also had a842k lasting appeal as it is still instantly recognizable.

“Jeremiah was a bullfrog” is one of the unique beginnings that any song ever had. It remains the lead in to one of the classic singles of all time.

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