Glad All Over 45 by The Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five were the clean cut band of the British muisc invasion in the mid-1960’s. Dave Clark formed the band in 1960 to earn a little extra money for his soccer team. It sems hard to believe now but they were considered serious rivals of The Beatles for a short time.

The DC5 were a little different than many of the bands during their time period. Their line-up was composed of drums, organ, guitar, sax and bass which gave their sound a different feel. Organist Mike Smith was the lead vocalist, not Dave Clark.

When they broke-up around 1970 they never refromed for any reason. They were inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame two years ago.

“Glad All Over” burst upon the American music scene in Feb. of 1964. It is joyous, driving rock ‘n’ roll at its mid-sixties best. Organ, guitar, and sax form the foundation for Smith’s vocals. It would be a huge hit reaching number six on the National charts.

While alot of sixties material sounds dated today, this is one you should not miss.

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