It’s Up To You 45 by Rick Nelson

Eric Hillard Nelson was a television and rock star. He starred in his parents show, OZZIE & HARRIET, from 1949-1966.

The TV show gave him a great advantage in his music career. When he started producing records he would sing a song at the end of each show. No other early rock star had that advantage. It would enable him to become one of the original fifties teen idols.

From 1957 through 1973 he would place 54 songs of THE BILLBOARD MAGAZINE top 100 charts. In addition his albums would sell in the millions of copies. He would be inducted into THe Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame two years afer his death in 1987.

“It’s Up To You” reached number six on the National singles charts during December of 1962. It would find Nelson at the crossroads of his career as he was changing from a fifties rocker to a more pop oriented style. It can be sonsidered a mid-tempo ballad and Nelson delivers a smooth vocal.

He would contine to produce hits for another decade including some of the first to combine rock and country.

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