Blue Velvet 45 by Bobby Vinton

Today many people forget just how many hits Bobby Vinton has had during his long career. He placed 47 songs on THE BILLBOARD MAGAZINE top 100 pop charts from 1962 to 1980.

He began his career as the band leader for Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars during 1960. In 1962 he left the band and embarqued upon a solo career.

“Blue Velvet” may be his best known release. One can not even guess how many times this love ballad was played at proms and school dances during the sixties.

“Blue Velvet” has a long history. Tony Bennett had a hit with it during 1951 and the vocal group The Statues had a version that reached number 84 on The United States singles charts during 1960.

It is Bobby Vinton’s version that remains the definitive one. It remained in the number one position on the singles charts for three weeks during late summer of 1963. A perfect vocal and excellent arrangements all added up to one of the best make out songs in music history.

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    Great review–great artist. Keep up the good work

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