Love Letters In The Sand 45 by Pat Boone

I have never been a big Pat Boone fan despite the fact that many of his records adorn my collection.

Charles Eugene Boone placed sixty songs on the American singles charts between 1955 and 1969 with five reaching the number one position.

Many of his early hits were covers of rhythm and blues songs of the day which would prevent their artists from reaching a wider pop audiance. Songs such as “Tutti Fruitti,” “Ain’t That A Shame,” and “Long Tall Sally” all became hits for his middle America pop sound.

His biggest and best hit was a cover of an old 1931 hit by Ted Black & His Orchestra. “Love Letters In The Sand” would top the American charts for seven weeks during the spring of 1957. It would rank as the number twelve song of the entire decade.

It was a wonderful ballad and love song that was very different from his usual fifties fare. His voice was really geared toward this type of song and it remains a nostalgic listen over fifty years after its initial release.

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