White Rabbit 45 by The Jefferson Airplane

When Grace Slick replaced Signe Anderson as the lead singer of the Jefferson Airplane she brought along a couple of songs she had written for her previous group, The Great Society. “Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit ” would be the only two top forty hits of their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Career.

Grace Slick was one of the great female vocalists in rock history and “White Rabbit” remains one of her signture performances. Released by the Airplane during 1967, it rose to the number eight position on The American singles charts.

It was one of the first drug songs to receive wide spread radio airplay. The Alice In Wonderland hallucinatory drug imagery made it a summer of love and sixties psychedelic classic. The music was similar in style to “Ravel’s Bolero” as it continued to build throughout the song and provided a solid foundation for Slick’s vocal.

“White Rabbit” is now regarded as one of rock’s most memorable and influential songs. Any study of sixties rock ‘n’ roll should include a visit to the “White rabbit.”

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