Hello I Love You 45 by The Doors

“Hello I Love You” was one of he earliest songs written by members of The Doors. It was not included on their brilliant debut album and likewise was left off their second release, STRANGE DAYS. It finally saw the light of day on their WAITING FOR THE SUN album.

It was worth the wait as “Hello I Love You” became their second number one single topping The American charts for two weeks during the summer of 1968. It helped to make WAITING FOR THE SUN their only album to reach the top of the charts.

It is a classic Doors song featuring Jim Morrison’s vocal and a great guitar intro. by Robbie Krieger. It stradeled the line between hard and psychedelic rock and was a perfect vehicle for Morrison’s over the top live performances.

“Hello I Love You” remains one of the better songs from The Doors catalogue and holds up well over four decades after its initial release.

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