Don’t Wait ‘Til Summer Comes Around 45 by Vik Armen

I reviewed the A side of this 45 quite awhile ago but have received a number of requests for the B side, so here it is in all its non charting glory.

Vik Armen was a Disc Jockey for WPRO in Providence R.I. during the late sixties if my memory is correct. He released “The Girl Who Never Smiled” as a single and it received airplay in Rhode Island but quickly disappeared.

“Don’t Wait ‘Til Summer Comes Around” was the flip side and it was a gentle ode to summer. Armen’s voice was laid back and not the strongest but he did a fine job on this single.

It was released on the WPN label at Ten Swirl Lane, Levittown, N.Y. It was number 101 and I don’t know if there was ever a 102.

Vic Armen returned to Canada and I think is still working as a dee jay, leaving behind this New England artifact.

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  1. I just noticed that Vik Armen has resumed performing pop and standards under that name, and that his earlier singles (originals or re-recordings?) have been compiled into a CD: He also has developed a career as a country music performer, under his real name of Bryan Fustukian:

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