Fools Rush In 45 by Ricky Nelson

“Fools Rush In” is an old Johnny Mercer/Rube Brown song that Glen Miller took to number three on the charts way back in 1940. It would reach The United States singles charts three more time during the pop era. Brook Benton would record a smooth version which reached number 24 during 1960. Etta James would release it as a flip side to a single during 1962 and it would sneak onto the charts at number 87.

Rick Nelson would record the song a year later. It would reach number twelve on the American charts during 1963. He did not know it at the time but his commercial career was nearing its end. “Fools Rush In” was his 43rd of 54 titles to reach the American charts.

He gave a traditional performance of the song that falls into the pop category. It was effective but not his best vocal and certainly did not have the smoothness of Benton’s version. He would only have two more songs make the American top twenty.

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