My Sweet Lord 45 by Billy Prestion

Billy Preston was the ultimate session man but sometimes people forget he placed 16 singles on The United States charts himself including two that went all the way to number one.

At one time he was considered the fifth Beatle. The “Get Beack ” single was released as by The Beatles with Billy Preston.

He released “My Sweet Lord” as a single during early 1971. George Harrison himself produced the song for Preston. It stalled at number 90 on its three weeks on the charts but his soulful interpretation would become one of his concert staples.

The above vidio is taken from THE CONCERT FOR GEOGRE with Eric Clapton on acoustic guitar. Also present are Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Ringo Starr, and Tom Petty. It was one of the highlights of this tribute concert given a year after Harrison’s death.

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