Wild Thing 45 by Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor has released twenty studio albums dating back to the 1960’s but only one has charted on The United States country charts. Five of his singles have also charted on the country charts as well.

His given name is John Wesley Voight. He is the brother of Jon Voight and uncle of Angelina Jolie.

His greatest claim to fame is as a composer. His most famous songs are “Angel Of The Morning,” “Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)” and “Wild Thing.”

“Wild Thing” was made famous by The Troggs who had a number one hit with it during during 1966 and a live performance by Jimi Hendrix during 1967.

He released his own version but his country approach was mild compared to the more famous releases. It may have failed to chart but he continues to collect royalties from one of the most covered rock songs of all time.

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