Crossroads 45 by Cream

“Crossroads” was and is one of the original blues classic created by Robert Johnson. Legend has it that Johnson sold his soul to the devil at the crossoads in return for the ability to play the guitar. Unfortunately for Johnson the devil collected the debt at age 27. It remains one of the most covered blues songs of all time.

Cream’s version featured Eric Clapton on guitar. It was a staple of their live act for most of their career.

“Crossroads” was released as a single on January 25, 1969. It was the fourth of five American chart hits for the group, reaching number 28.

While “Crossroads” is more associated as an album track, it did receive considerable airplay and remains one of their signature songs.

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    Check out the Robert Johnson Centennial Concert in Ann Arbor next Thursday at Hill Auditorium:

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