Crocodile Rock 45 by Elton John

Elton John was on the verge of stardom when his label, Uni, was sold to MCA. His relationship with MCA would last eight years, and by the time he switched to Geffen, he was recognized as one of the superstars of music, as his records had sold in the tens of millions.

His first release for MCA was the single, “Crocodile Rock.” It was issued December 9, 1972, and would top the American Singles Chart for three weeks.

It was a nastalgic song of a by-gone era that was driven by an infectious sound. It was old style, up-tempo rock ‘n’ roll and remains a treat nearly 40 years after its initial release.

One Response to Crocodile Rock 45 by Elton John

  1. I liked that song when it came out but it always bugged me that he said “C’rile rockin'” I mean…what’s that? Come on, Bernie!

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