Jumbo 45 by The Bee Gees

Before the Bee Gees became superstars during the mid-1970’s disco era, they released a number of gentle pop hits, 1967-1973. Hits such as “Words,” “I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You,” and “To Love Somebody” all charted high in The United States.

The Bee Gees released eight singles during 1967 and 1968 and only one did not reach the American top 20. The only release not to become a big hit was “Jumbo,” which stalled at number 57.

I have always liked the song, even though it was an odd release and was very different from the rest of their material at the time. It was not a ballad nor a rocker. It did not have a memorable melody either. Still, I found it had an odd appeal.

“Jumbo” remains a lost track in the vast Bee Gees catalogue.

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