Blowing Out The Candles/Just A Little Girl 45 by Donna Loren

I may not be a pepper, you may not be a pepper, but Donna Loren was definately a pepper. She was the Dr. Pepper girl, 1963-1968. She also appeared in five Beeach Party movies with Annette and Frankie. She never spoke but only sang in each of the movies.

She moved on to become a regular on the SHINDIG television program, as she appeared in 26 episodes. She also appeared in episodes of The Monkees, Batman, and Dr. Kildare among others.

She was inactive, raising a family and starting a business, for over 30 years, but recently began recording and performing again.

Musically she is best remembered for the 1960s Beach Party music but she issued a number of catchy singles. Amazingly, despite all this publicity, she never had a single make the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

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