Turn Down Day 45 by The Cyrkle

The Cyrke was a 1960s pop band formed at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. They consisted of vocalist/guitarist Don Dannemann, keyboardist Mike Losekamp (not pictured), bassist Tom Dawes,  drummer Marty Fried, and Dan Danneman.

They had a Beatles connection as they were managed by their manager Brian Epstein. They were also one of the opening acts on The Beatles 1966 North American tour.

They managed to place six songs on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop 100 Chart, 1966-1967. Two of their songs reached the top twenty. The second of the two was “Turn Down Day,” which reached number 16.

Their approach was sort of a fusion between pop and folk. It was a light sound and was soon out of date as the decade progressed. The group was gone by the end of the 1960s leaving behind a pair of memorable singles.


One Response to Turn Down Day 45 by The Cyrkle

  1. Myriah says:

    Marty’s surname is Fried. Mike Losekamp is not in this picture. It’s Marty Fried, Tom Dawes, Don Dannemann.

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