Maybelline by Chuck Berry

The old 78 rpm records were almost extinct by the time “Maybelline” was released during 1955. They were, however, still being pressed as “Maybelline” was issued in both a 45 and 78 format.

It really did not matter which as the song was one of the most influential in rock ‘n’ roll history. Chuch Berry was one of the first musicians to move the rhythm & blues sound over to rock ‘n’ roll and put the guitar out front. The riffs he created would be copied for decades as he influenced guitarists for the next half century.

It was the first chart single of Berry’s career and one of the first rock singles to become a hit single. Released during the summer of 1955, it would peak at number five on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

Now in he 80s, Chuck Berry is still performing “Maybelline.”


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