Do You Love Me 45 by The Contours

During the 1960s the Motown label was primarily known for its smooth soul music that bordered on pop. Every once in awhile, however, they would move in a raw rhythm & blues direction.

Enter the Contours; Billy Gordon, Billy Hoggs, Joe Billingslea, Sylvester Potts, Huey Davis, and Hubert Johnson who were anything but smooth.

“Do You Love Me” was a a grtty R&B screamer that was catchy enough to stay in you mind for days. Released during the summer of 1962, it topped the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Rhythm & Blues Chart and peaked at number three on the Pop Charts.

Proving that a good song is always a good song, it was included in the 1988 movie, DIRTY DANCING. Released as a single it re-entered the Pop Charts and peaked at number 11.

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