Mean Woman Blues/Blue Bayou 45 by Roy Orbison

“Mean Woamn Blues/Blue Bayou” was one of the great two-sided singles in American pop history.

Roy Orbison would produce a number of rockabilly type singles and a number of soaring ballads that would become hits. “Mean Woman Blues/Blue Bayou” presented the best of both types.

“Mean Woman Blues” looked backed to his Sun Label rockabilly days and was about as hard as Orbison would ever rock. Released during August of 1963, it reached number five on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

“Blue Bayou” was the flip side and reached number 29, yet remains one of his signature songs. It was one of those smooth ballads that Orbison was so adept at producing. The vocal is effortless and travels to places very few singers can ever hope to visit.

Roy Orbison at his best.

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