Disco Inferno 45 by The Trammps

THere was good disco and there was bad good. “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps was very good disco music indeed.

Jimmy Ellis, Earl Young, Harold Wade, Stanley Wade, and Robert Upchurch assembled a large cast of supporting musicians, called themselves The Trammps, and quickly emerged as one of the first Disco bands. They had a small chart hit for the Buddah Label in 1972 with a cover of the old Judy Garland hit, “Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart.”

Durung the mid-1970s they emerged as one of the better known disco bands. Their biggest hit and signature song, “Disco Inferno” had a long and unique chart history.

Released during early 1977, it topped the BILLBOARD NAGAZINE Dance Club Chart but stalled at number 53 on the Pop Chart. Its big break came when it was included on the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE soundtrack album, which was one of the biggest selling albums in U.S. history. It topped the Disco Charts for six weeks in late 1977. Re-entering the Pop Chart in Feb. of 1978, it rose to number 11.

It was Disco music at its joyous best as the layers of sound just kept on building and building. The band stayed active until the early 1990s.


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