Yellow Balloon 45 by Yellow Balloon

The story of “Yellow Balloon” began when Dean Torrence was looking for material to record under the Jan & Dean name while Jan Berry was recovering from an auto accident. He released “Yellow Balloon,” as a single that bubbled under the top 100 pop chart. Songwriter Gary Zekley was not pleased with the release and shopped the song around, which brought him to the Canterbury label.

The label put together a studio band and recorded the song with Zekley providing the lead vocals. They even named the group after the soong. Thus “Yellow Balloon” by Yellow Balloon became a big hit during the late spring of 1967 reaching number 11 on the BILLBOARD MGAZAZINE Pop Singles Chart. It was a light rock sound and was labeled sunshine pop. The flip side was “Noollab Wolley,” which was the song not only spelled backwards but performed backwards as well.

The touring group featured lead singer Alex Valdez and Don Grady who played Robbie Douglas on the MY THREE SONS Television Series. They never had another top 100 hit making them true one hit wonders.


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