I Got Burned 45 by Ral Donner

I Got Burned  Ral Donner

Ral Donner, 1943-1984, had a voice that was very similar to Elvis Presley. In fact, in 1981, he would provide some voice work for the film, THIS IS ELVIS. All of his chart success came 1961-1962, when five of his singles made the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop 100 Chart.

He was at heart a rockabilly type singer. “I Got Burned” was representative of his sound even though it did not make the top 100. He did not just imitate Elvis but had a very good voice in his own right that, for better or worse, sounded like one of the better rock and roll singers of all time.

BILLBOARD MAGAZINE had a top 100 chart and what they called a Bubbling Under Chart for singles that were not in the top 100. Some would eventually enter the top 100 and others would quietly fade away. “I Got Burned” peaked at number 124.

Donner would continue to perform after the hits ended. Unfortunately he died very young of lung cancer in 1984.

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