The Long And Winding Road 45 by The Beatles

Long and Winding Road

The Beatles were about to be no more. The most popular and influential band in rock history split during early 1970. Their last album, LET IT BE, produced a series of hit singles including the last number one of their active career.

“The Long And Winding Road” was a fitting end to their career. It was a poignant ballad created by Paul McCartney, who was not pleased with the post-production orchestration added by producer Phil Spector. The song has sense been released without Spector’s additions.

Released during early 1970, it became their 20th number one single in the United States topping the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart for two weeks.

It is a song that has grown on me over the years as it has a sad quality to it, which looks back to a time that can never be again.

One Response to The Long And Winding Road 45 by The Beatles

  1. The real recording sans Phil Spector is so tender and understated. Their is a wistful sentiment to it. Macca was growing up (musically).

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