Get Back/Don’t Let Me Down 45 by The Beatles with Billy Preston

Get Back

“Get Back” is a Beatles song that ranks as their third biggest single hit in the United States, yet sometimes is over looked in the vast catalogue of music.

It was the only Beatles single to include another artist in the main creits as it states The Beatles with Billy Preston. In addition, it was the first Beatles single to be released in true stereo in the United States.

Released during April of 1969, it would spend five weeks in the number one position on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart in the USA and six weeks on top of the U.K. Singles Chart.

The flip side, “Don’t Let Me Down,” was a primal scream love song to Yoko Ono by John Lennon. It would also receive chart action in the USA, topping out at number 35.

This is one of those singles that has grown on me down through the years and remains one of their best 45 rpm releases.


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