It Don’t Come Easy 45 by Ringo Starr

it don't come easy

When The Beatles disbanded everyone figured John Lennon and Paul McCartney would do just fine. George Harrison quickly released ALL THINGS MUST PASS, which was one of the best albums of the decade. But what about Ringo?

Ringo started out by releasing the commercially unsuccessful sentimental journey and followed that with the very good but moderate selling country album BEAUCOUP OF BLUES.

During the spring of 1971 he hit his pop stride. “It Don’t Come Easy” was a light mid-tempo pop song that was perfect for AM radio. It reached number four on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart, which was the first solo hit of his career. A lot more would follow.

One Response to It Don’t Come Easy 45 by Ringo Starr

  1. George is all over this song. There is a early version found on boots with George singing lead.

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