Even The bad Times Are Good 45 by The Tremeloes

Even The Bad Times Are Good

The Tremeloes had five singles reach the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart in the United States, with four charting 1967-1968, none of which reached the top ten. They formed during the early 1960s as Brian Poole and The Tremeloes. When Poole left in 1966, they continued as a quartet. Original members Ricky West and Dave Munden kept the band going into 2012.

They were a British band who were always more popular in their home country. They reached the top ten with Brrian Poole four times and seven times after he left. They had two number one hits and two others that reached number two.

“Even The Bad Times Are Good” was released during early 1968 and was their final chart hit in the USA reaching number 44. It was a nice fusion of rock and pop with an organ driving the sound.

One of their claims to fame was in 1963 the Decca Label in England decided to sign one rock group and picked them over the Beatles. Good for them but bad for Decca.

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