Don’t Forbid Me 45 by Pat Boone

Pat Boone was one of the stars of the 1950s and early 1960s. He placed 58 singles on the BILLBOATD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Charts, 1955-1964, with six reaching number one.

By 1957 Pat Boone’s career was in full swing. He had already had two number one hits and five more reach the top ten when he released “Don’t Forbid Me” during early December of 1956. It quickly became the third number one of his career. While it stopped at number three on the Best Sellers In Stores Chart and number tow on The Most Played By Disc Jockeys Chart; it spent one week on top of the Most Played In Jukeboxes Chart (2/23/57) and the BILLBOARD Hot 100 (2/9/57).

Pat Boone was the exact opposite of the image Elvis Presley projected. When the Beatles arrived in America, he became a relic of his era. Despite the loss of huge commercial success, he has remained active for the past half-century.


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