Party Doll by Buddy Knox and The Rhythm Orchids

Buddy Knox, Jimmy Bowen, and Dan Lanier met while students at West Texas State. Knox had written a song as a high school student. The three friends walked into a local recording studio with $60 in their pocket. They left the studio with a copy of “Party Doll.” 1500 copies were pressed on the local Triple-D Label. This led to a trip to New York City and the offices of Roulette Records.

They had been using the name Orchids but Roulette changed it to Rhythm Orchids. Buddy Knox’s name was put out front as he was the lead singer.

“Party Doll” was a rockabilly song at heart. It reached number five on the Most Played By Disc Jockeys Chart and number two on both the BILLBOARD 100 and Most Played In Jukeboxes Chart. However, on March 10, 1957, “Party Doll” topped BILLBOARD Most Played In Stores Chart for one week, giving Knox the only number one hit of his career.

Knox would perform for the rest of his life but all ten of his chart singles would happeen 1957-1961.

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