Cochecho by the Naked Stills

61PnGedg97L__SY300_The Naked Stills are vocalist/rhythm guitarist Rocco DeRosa, lead guitarist Daniel King, bassist Ryan Callahan, and drummer Doug Standley. They are all New England musicians who gradually came together. They have played the local club and bar circuit and now are attempting to reach a new level of success with the release of their debut album, Cochecho. They are a rock and roll band who writes their own material. The lyrics are down to earth and realistic and fit the catchy nature of their music well.

The album may not have a cohesive feel but each track does have a distinctive nature. The memorable track is “Touchdown in Boston” with its bleak lyrics, which paint a picture of struggle and searching.  “Impossible” is a song that explodes from the speakers, as the band is in full rock and roll mode. Cochecho finds a band taking their music to the next level, and it’s worth joining them for the ride.


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