Beaucoups Of Blues 45 by Ringo Starr

beaucoups of blues

When the Beatles disbanded, nobody worried about John Lennon or Paul McCartney. George Harrison quickly established himself as a musician of note with the release of ALL THINGS MUST PASS. But what about Ringo?

Things did not start well for Mr. Starr as his release of SENTEMENTAL jOURNEY was a critical and commerical disaster. It was an album of older tunes that just was out of place and not exciting.

Later in 1970 he returned with BEAUCOUPS OF BLUES. It was basically a country album and one of the best of his career. It remains a unique release in his catalogue of music. The title song was released as a single and while it only reached number 87 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100, it was a nice slice of country/pop.

Ringo would quickly go in a catchy pop direction and 1971-1975, would have seven singles reach the top 10 with two reaching number one. His career is still going strong.

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