Don’t 45 by Elvis Presley


Elvis returned to the top of the charts in early 1958 with another Leiber and Stoller composition. The slow ballad “Don’t” became his 9th number one single. The flip side, “I Beg Of You,” also became a hit reaching number eight on the BILLBOARD Top 100.

Elvis had been drafted into the Army but was able to put off his induction for two months so he could finish the film, KING CREOLE, and record a number of singles and a Christmas album. On March 24, 1958, he reported for induction. That was just after “Don’t” topped the charts.

Best Sellers In Stores Chart – 2/10/58 – 5 weeks at number one.

Most Played By D.J. Chart – 3/17/58 – 1 week at number one.

Billboard Top 100 – 3/10/58 – 1 week at number one.

The hits would keep coming while he was in the service.  Of course his income dropped from over $100,000 a month to $78.


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