Sugartime by The McGuire Sisters

The rock and roll era was in full swing as Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson, and other icons of the era were pumping out the hits. Enter the McGuire Sisters who were really a throw back to the Big band era of vocals. Phyllis, Christine, and Dorothy were sisters who had perfect pitch harmonies. They placed 25 hits on the BILLBOARD Singles Chart, 1955-1959, including “Sincerely,” which topped the chart for 10 weeks in 1955.

“Sugartime” was their second and last number one. It only reached number five on the Top 100 and peaked at number sever on the Best Sellers In Store Chart. D.J.’s loved the song however and on 2/17/58, it reached the top of the Most Played by D.J.’s Chart where it remained for four weeks.

“Sugartime” was their last top ten hit. Dorothy would go solo for a while but the sisters reunited in the 1980s and performed together for years.

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