Excitement At Your Feet by Tommy Keene


Tommy Keene has traveled in a very different direction for his 10th studio album. While he has covered other artist’s material in the past, he has now issued an entire album of cover songs.

Excitement At Your feet allows him to tackle material by The Who, Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, Big Star, Donovan, Echo & The Bunnymen, and more. There is a twist, however, because except for Donovan’s “Catch The Wind,” he delves deep into the various artists catalogue for material. Songs such as “Much Too Much” (The Who), “I Laugh In Your Face” (Bee Gees), “Ride On Baby” (Rolling Stones), “The Puppet” (Echo & The Bunnymen), “Out Of The Blue” (Roxy Music), may not be well-known songs but they challenge him in ways his own compositions do not and after close to three decades in the music industry, it’s good to be challenged.

He adapts to some of the material and changes some to fit his style.  He leaves his comfort zone at times and not everything is successful but it is one of his better and certainly more adventurous albums.

He has always been a power pop wizard but many times brings a harder edge to his sound. He fares best on the Who, Roxy Music, and Rolling Stones covers. His voice is more than competent and he has always been a first-rate guitarist. The only real loss on an album of this type is his own excellent story telling ability.

Excitement At Your Feet is a very different listening experience than the usual for a Tommy Keene album but is well-worth exploring.


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