Mule by The Port City Prophets


The Port City Prophets are a band that has been on the road for three years. They finally spent some time in the studio to record their debut album, Mule.

Bassist/vocalist Tim Kirkendall, guitarist Troy Tolle, and percussionist Henry Ancrum are one of the better blues bands that you may never have encountered. Tolle is a proficient guitarist who can create inventive solos but when all is said and done, it is Kirkendall’s voice that is memorable. It is a blues voice with some very soulful qualities. It can purr and shout when needed and there is always passion.

The music is basic with keyboardist William Nance filling in the gaps on some of the tunes. Kirkendall’s vocals and Tolle’s guitar rotate taking the lead. It all adds up to well-done music. They are the type of band that has benefited greatly from touring for a number of years before entering the studio as their sound is well-crafted and mature.

Whether it be the heavy sounding “Close Your Eyes,” the slow blues of “Jesus Saved My Soul But,” the soulful ballad style of “Let Me Breathe,” or the funky rhythms of “I Used To Love You;” it is an album that is always interesting.

The Port City Prophets have released an album that deserves some attention.


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