Memphis by Nancy Cassidy


Up until this point in her career, Nancy Cassidy has been known for her children’s albums. She has now changed directions and released a mature album of music that is stunning in its quality. Memphis is an album by an artist who now travels a different direction than much of her past work, yet manages to create one of the better albums of the year.

Her voice exudes warmth and passion and combines with her ability to write and interpret her own material. It sort of strides the line between folk and light pop. Her laid back and gentle approach is perfect for her incisive lyrics that communicate her stories.

The album opening songs, “Backwater Blue” and “Memphis” establish the tone and style of the album as they place the emphasis on her voice and lyrics. The music is full and layered but never intrudes on her voice and storytelling.

The heart of the album, “Drowning In Blue,” “Broken Wing Blues,” and “Fire In The Night” are songs of beauty that demand your attention.

Memphis is a heartfelt album that lures the listener to join her as she travels the highways and byways of her heart and mind. It is a wonderful and adult trip worth taking.


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