Little Star by The Elegants


The Elegants are one of music’s ultimate one-hit wonders as “Little Star” was their only song to reach the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Hot 100 Chart.

They were a doo-wop group formed in Staten Island, New York during the mid-1950s. They consisted of lead singer Vic Picone, plus Arthur Venosa, Frank Tardogna, Carmen Romano, and James Moschella. Picone and Venosa adapted the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” into a rock and roll song and it was promptly released as a single. It entered the BILLBOARD Hot 100 on July 28 and on August 25, it topped the chart for one week.

Their touring prevent any serious studio work. Then Picone was in an auto accident with a six month recovery and finally two members were drafted.

The Elegants have reformed a number of times down through the years and a version of the group was still on the road as of 2012 with two original members.

It may have been their only hit but”Little Star” remains one on the signature doo-wop songs of the 1950s.


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