Butter On My Rolls by Sheba The Mississippi Queen


Any album that is titled Butter On My Rolls has got to contain some down and raw blues and so it is with the release by Sheba The Mississippi Queen. Even the sidemen have great names including drummer/bassist George “Chocolate” Perry, keyboardist Michael “The Dog” Gauthier, guitarist Warren “Roach” Thompson, and the simply named slide guitarist Chuck Juntzman.

Sheba was born Martha Booker in Sunflower, Mississippi, where she began singing in the fields and in church. She has a voice that would be at home in a choir or a gin joint late at night. It can sail and soar at will as she weaves her stories.

The better tracks are the exuberant “Dance Jump And Shout,” “Can’t Help Lovin’ My Man,” “Hey Girlfriend,” “Ms Good-n-Plenty,” and “Good Good  Lovin.’”

Sheba The Mississippi Queen is a throw-back to a by-gone era. She has served up a wonderful blues smorgasbord with Butter On My Rolls.


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