The Battle Of New Orleans by Johnny Horton

The Battle Of New Orleans actually took place in early 1815, not 1814. Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the last battle of the War of 1812. There was a folk song written about the battle that was popular with fiddlers of the day.

During 1955 Jimmy Driftwood wrote lyrics to the old fiddle tune and changed the name to “The Battle of New Orleans. Enter Johnny Horton who released it as a single in 1959.

Horton was a country singer who first recorded in 1951. “The Battle Of New Orleans” was his first pop hit and what a hit it was. It reached number one on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 June 1, 1959, and remained at the top of the charts for six weeks making it the number one single of the year.

Horton would have other successful story songs such as “Sink The Bismark” and “North To Alaska.”

He had a fear of flying and would never get on a plane. On November 5th, 1960, he performed at the Skyline Club in Austin, Texas, which was the place of Hank Williams final performance before his death. That night he was killed in a car crash on Highway 79 ending a primising career.


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