Revelation by Los Lonely Boys


The Los Lonely Boys have returned with their latest release Revelation. The Garza brothers, guitarist Henry, bassist Jo Jo, and drummer Ringo decided to name their new album Revelation because they wanted to make music that revealed something about their lives and the world.

Their new album may not be revelatory; but it is a good album of catchy Tex-Mex based rock and roll. The lyrics may over reach in places but the music remains creative as it brings their Texas foundation to a number of styles including reggae, soul, pop, and rock.

While they put a lot of effort to personalize the lyrics, it is the music that is different from many of their past releases. There is an acoustic flavor to some of the material, which brings a sensitivity that has not been present in the past. The reggae influence of “Give A Little More” has some unique textures and is an area they should explore in the future. The soulful lead vocal on “Everything  About You” and “There’s Always Tomorrow” make both tracks approachable and memorable.

Henry Garza suffered serious injuries from a fall on stage early in 2013. Now recovered after a lengthy rehabilitation; it is good to see them back in the studio and on the road.

The Los Lonely Boys took some chances with Revelation and that is always admirable for a band. It may not have reached their lofty expectations but it remains a solid effort,


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