Jet Engines by Amy McCarley


Jet Engines

Amy McCarley

Amy McCarley 2014

Review by David Bowling

Amy McCarley has returned with her second release, Jet Engines. She is an artist who treads the line between traditional and alternative country. although she comes close to a modern folk sound every once in a while.

Her newest release has several things in its favor. The music creates a feeling of comfort and familiarity. She has a style that does not overwhelm the listener but sets him or her at ease. The album also has a good tempo to it. Up-tempo songs and interspersed with slower material and simple performances share space with a full band sound. It prevents a sense of sameness, which tend to plague many independent releases. She quickly proves she can write a good song with strong melodies and incisive lyrics as she composed all ten tracks.

There are a number of highlights. The album opening “Everybody Wants To” is a gentle acoustic style tune that moves in a folk direction. It is followed by the up-tempo “Here I Am” which is country music to its core. The best track is the energetic and rocking “Radio On.”

She is a good acoustic guitarist and an her vocals have an earthy sound. She is supported by guitarist Kenny Vaughan, drummer Derek Mixon, bassist Michael Rinne, plus additional guitarist George Bradfute on two tracks.

Amy McCarley has released an excellent sophomore album. It will hopefully receive some deserved airplay and give her some exposure. Jet Engines is worth the price of admission.


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