Bloom By Andrea Balducci



Good jazz music is not exclusive to The United States, which brings us to Italian jazz vocalist Andrea Balducci who has just released his first publicly for-sale album titled Bloom.

While he has studied piano since the age of six, he graduated with a degree in law in 2002. Maybe it was the oratory but he has since embarked on a career as a vocalist. A self produced and recorded album, which he sold exclusively at his live shows,  soon followed and he would begin performing in small clubs and at private parties.

Life changed in 2009 when he arrived in the United States. Gigs followed and he finally entered the studio to record an album. The selection of material is a combination of 1960’s classics and new compositions. While he is adept at both types of material, it does create a disconnect between many of the songs as the music never really settles into a cohesive whole.

“Hurt So Dad,” “The Letter,” “I Just Dropped In,” and “Spooky” are all classic tunes and his smooth voice moves them from rock and rhythm & blues toward a smooth jazz style. Two versions of “Hurt So Bad” are included and the swing version is subtle and an approach he should explore more often.

Newer compositions such as “Within Myself” and “I Will Never Stop Loving You” have a very modern feel. He is backed by an eight piece band complete with a four piece brass section which fills in the sound nicely.

Andrea Balducci is a artist who is settling in to what will hopefully be a long and successful career. Bloom is an early step on that career path.

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