Two Moons by Tom Freund



Tom Freund is now into the third decade of his recording career but he has taken the road less travelled to produce his latest release titled Two Moons. He funded the project through a Pledge Music campaign. Increasingly artists who are not signed to major labels are going this route but there is always the chance that their fans will not respond. Happily for Freud, he more than achieved his goal and was able to cover the costs of recording and releasing his latest album.

He has traveled in a number of creative directions, including the release of a Christmas and children’s album, but none have been as personal as his latest release. He writes about his past and present life, combining the joys and heartbreak that he has experienced. The songs emerge as both joyful and reflective.

The albums best track is “Happy Days Lunch Box,” complete with the Fonz and Cunningham’s. It is a nostalgic tale of the joys of youth that should resonate with everyone who recalls those innocent days. Close behind is “Let Me Be Who I Wanna Be,” which is a philosophical look at his life in the present.

“Same Old Shit Different Day” is just about self-explanatory but “Mind Of Your Own” is a sophisticated tale of Hurricane Sandy and the erasing of memories. The album ends with “Sugar Pie,” which is a straight-forward and simple love song. When contrasted to what has gone before, it is a cleansing of the palate.

Freund is above all else a lyricist who is able to paint pictures with his words. His music and melodies are simple but effective as they do not detract from his stories. He is a multitalented instrumental who is adept on the bass, keyboards, and guitar. His basic backing band consists of drummers Michael Jerome & Michael Iveson, keyboardist Chris Joyner, and bassist John Button. They are a tight group who provide support without detracting from the overall intent of the music.

Two Moons is a nice ride through the memories and perceptions of Tom Freund. It’s a nice way to spend 45 minutes or so.



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