Set The World On Fire By Brent Johnson


Set The World On Fire

Brent Johnson

Justin Time Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


Brent Johnson picked up his first guitar at the age of four and never looked back. While in his teens, his family moved to New Orleans and he was able to immerse himself in the music of the city. At the age of 22 he joined Bryan Lee and the Blues Power Band. Now all grown-up, he a a blues guitar gun-slinger who is also a capable singer. He has just signed with the Canadian Justin Time Record label and has issued his first album titled Set The World On Fire.

His new album is a combination of seven original compositions and four cover tunes. He wisely uses his road band of bassist Bill Blok, drummer John Perkins, and keyboardist Wayne Lohr to support his electric and slide guitar work. Also on hand for several tracks are guest guitarists Alvin Youngblood Hart and Sonny Landreth.

While he may branch out at times, he is at heat a modern day electric bluesman.

“Meet Me In The Morning” is an interesting mix of his slide technique and Hart’s electric guitar prowess. Landreth joins him on “Long Way Back To New Orleans,” only this time it is Landreth’s slide guitar and Johnson’s electric guitar that trade solos. The centerpiece of the album is a 13 minute-plus tour-de-force of the old blues classic “As The Years Go Passing By.” His singing and playing elevate the performance into an instant classic.

Brent Johnson has crafted an excellent album of modern day electric blues. It his hopefully a link in a chain as he continues to hone his craft.


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