I Got More Soul By Bobby Patterson

bobby PattersonNow in his 70th year, Bobby Patterson has traveled a lot of miles during his career. He has been plying his craft on the road and in the studio for close to a half-century. His compositions have been recorded by a multitude of artists and he has acted as a producer for such people as  Little Johnny Taylor, Fontilla Bass, Chuck Jackson, and Ted Taylor. He has now returned with his latest album titled I Got More Soul.

It is an album of mostly original material as co-wrote eight of the ten tracks. Recorded in his native Texas, he has gathered a tight band to support his vocals. Two guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and a brass section give his music a full sound and provide the foundation for him to soar or purr, depending on the song.

Peterson is an old school soul singer and artist. When listening to his voice, it is a trip back in time. Songs such as “Everybody’s Got A Little Devil In Their Soul,” “”I Know How It Feels,” “Can You Feel Me,” and “It’s Hard To Get Back In” have a 1960’s feel as they are smooth soul performances. There is also an interesting cover of Sly Stone’s “Poet.” Originally released on the classic There’s A Riot Goin’ On album, it is transformed with a subtle performance.

Bobby Patterson is one of those artists who has produced good music through good commercial times and bad. I Got More Soul is a nice ride through the mind and music of an often overlooked American soul singer.


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