Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton


Bobby Vinton had the blues in 1963, which was a good thing. His “Blue On Blue” peaked at number three on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 during the summer. It was decided to release an entire album of songs with blue in the title. Songs such as “Blue Moon,” “Am I Blue,”  and “Blue Hawaii” were quickly recorded. “Blue Velvet” was one of the last songs recorded, just to fill out the album.

The label decided to release “Blue Velvet” as a single despite Vinton’s objections. This time the label was right. The song entered the Hot 100 on August 10, 1963. On September 21, it became his second number one single. It remained on top of the charts for three weeks and has been played at proms for decades.

Bobby Vinton would place 47 singles on the national pop charts with four reaching number one but “Blue Velvet” remains his signature song.



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