Demos Old And New (CD) by Joey Molland


Joey Molland will always be associated with the band Badfinger. Beginning as the Iveys in 1961, they produced a small hit in 1969 with “Maybe Tomorrow.” Changing their name to Badfinger in 1970, they produced such top ten hits as “Come And Get It,” “No Matter What,” and “Day After Day.” The suicides of band members Pete Ham (1975) and Tom Evans (1983) ended the commercial viability of the band. Molland has kept the name alive touring intermittently as Joey Molland’s Badfinger.

Molland has played on three of rock’s all time classic albums; John Lennon’s Imagine, George Harrison’s All Thing’s Must Pass, and The Concert For Bangladesh. Now as a follow-up to his recent studio release, Return To Memphis, he has cleaned his vaults with the release of Demo’s Old And New.

His new release contains 17 tracks created between 1972-1995. As such there in an inconsistency to the album as the music represents different periods of his career. Why the tracks are not presented in chronological order is a mystery.

The main strength of the album is Joey Molland the songwriter. He has always been able to create a song with strong melodies and incisive lyrics. The demo’s collected here presents that strength at its best. The other plus is his voice. His last release showed some vocal deterioration but the these tracks feature a younger man whose voice is still a supple instrument.

Demo’s Old And New is what it is. It is a journey through 23 years of the musical life of Joey Molland. If you are a fan of Molland or Badfinger, this album will be of interest.


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