Sing Me Another Song By John Lyons



Blue/roots artist John Lyons has been living in Zurich, Switzerland, for the past 13 years. That is quite a change of cultures for someone who grew up on a farm outside of South Haven, Michigan. Whatever the location, he has been producing an excellent fusion of blues and roots music. Sing Me Another Song is his third album release.

Lyons is a more than competent songwriter and an excellent guitarist and vocalist. His lyrics are more of a roots nature but his music takes its style and sound in an electric blues direction.

He has a tight band behind him in the studio to support his guitar, vocals, and harmonica. Keyboardist Matthew Savnik, drummer Simon Britschgi, and bassists Gabriel Spahni and Simon Winiger are a veteran unit who blend together well.

Songs such as “Another Wave,” “Under The Stars,” “Blink Of An Eye,” “Bluestar Highway,” and the title track have pleasing and memorable melodies and personal lyrics. The packaging includes a booklet with the lyrics, which is something more artists should provide.

John Lyons may not have re-invented the blues medium but Sing Me Another Song is an interesting album of modern day electric blues.



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